Bob's Computer & Repair Service

Bob's Computer And Repair Service (BCARS) has been in business in Leon Valley since 2004. 

 Our goal is to give you the best network and computer service available in the San Antonio and Bexar County area.

 We provide prompt professional and personal computer service to our customers.  We offer on-site repair and our Microsoft Certified technicians are highly qualified and stay current with today's technologies.


Computer Service and Repair:     The Service Department is committed to providing the most comprehensive and reliable service and support available in today's industry.  Our staff is uniquely skilled to identify specific needs, consult with the customer, and implement the most logical solution to meet those needs.  We are dedicated to our valued customers.

Troubleshooting Computer Problems:     Our highly trained technical staff is available on an hourly basis for on-site repairs of PC hardware, laptops,  Internet connections, software and any network operating systems.  Whether your system is completely dead or just sounds like it wants to die, we can troubleshoot and repair most common problems in just one trip.